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Master List? Etc.

Just felt like updated the "where to find me" links with a simple splash page, with all that info. (Feel free to comment, PM, note me etc. If you wish to ask questions.)

Also, I suppose I'll revise my words in my very first journal. As a fledgling fan of That Guy With The Glasses and The Spoony Experiment, and having increasing interest in contributing to the fandom community here- I've been seeing quite a bit more use out of this account!

The fandom has made me experience a lot of firsts- let me tell you... a list ensues!

Fan Art:
  • Majority of my (TGWTG) fan art contributions can and will be found here.
  • Some of my first contributions (just some reposts to LJ), just some portraits.
  • A few more reposts from dA.
  • Dr. Insano sure does love blood don't he?*
  • Linkara does a strip tease, yes.*
  • A pair of bloodthirsty cohorts that want a lil respect.
  • How's that Green M&M, CR? Warning, a bit spicy.
  • Dr. Insano in drag, plus an unfortunate guest.
  • Pyro!Insano, surrounded by fire.

Fan Fiction (who knows if I'll do more):

*Comm-Locked because NSFW and/or Touchy Subject Matter, likely tentative.*