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artfreak17's Journal

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alternate universes, anatomy, animation, art, artificial intelligence, ask that guy, atop the fourth wall, audacious humor, big band, blood, body horror, bondage, cartoons, chiptunes, circus contraption, classic rock, clowns, coffee milk, comics, creature feature, creepiness, cross-dressing, cybernetics, daft punk, danny phantom, dark cabaret, darkfics, depravity, dethklok, dexter douglas, donkey kong country, dorks, dr. horrible, dr. insano, dr. steel, drawing, duality, dubcon, eccentrics, electronica, enemy within, fan art, fanfiction, fantasy, fear, fictional angst, fictional mind rape, fictional sadism, final fantasy, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vi, frankenstein's monster, freakazoid, galactaron, gore, gorillaz, gorn, guts, halloween, horror, horror tropes, humanity, humiliation, incubus, industrial music, jrpgs, kefka palazzo, kenny mccormick, kickassia, kimchi, kink, lab coats, large hams, linkara, love, macabre, mad doctors, mad scientists, madness tropes, medicine, meta, mindfucks, monster clowns, monsters, narm, nerds, nightmare fuel, nobuo uematsu, noncon, nostalgia critic, obsession, physiology, pink floyd, psychedelic art, psychological horror, psychology, repo! the genetic opera, robots, rock music, rockabilly, role-playing games, rpgs, schadenfreude, science, science fiction, selfcest, slash, spoony, super mario, super mario rpg, swing music, tgwtg, the spoony experiment, thematic dissonance, toxicology, tv tropes, videogame music, videogames, vivi orunitia, writing, zombies