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Master List? Etc.

Just felt like updated the "where to find me" links with a simple splash page, with all that info. (Feel free to comment, PM, note me etc. If you wish to ask questions.)

Also, I suppose I'll revise my words in my very first journal. As a fledgling fan of That Guy With The Glasses and The Spoony Experiment, and having increasing interest in contributing to the fandom community here- I've been seeing quite a bit more use out of this account!

The fandom has made me experience a lot of firsts- let me tell you... a list ensues!

Fan Art:
  • Majority of my (TGWTG) fan art contributions can and will be found here.
  • Some of my first contributions (just some reposts to LJ), just some portraits.
  • A few more reposts from dA.
  • Dr. Insano sure does love blood don't he?*
  • Linkara does a strip tease, yes.*
  • A pair of bloodthirsty cohorts that want a lil respect.
  • How's that Green M&M, CR? Warning, a bit spicy.
  • Dr. Insano in drag, plus an unfortunate guest.
  • Pyro!Insano, surrounded by fire.

Fan Fiction (who knows if I'll do more):

*Comm-Locked because NSFW and/or Touchy Subject Matter, likely tentative.*

He missed the taste of marshmallows…

Summary: While committed at the sanatorium, Once-ler gets a visitor. Sequel to “Who Cares If A Few Trees Are Dying”, yeah I know I said that was going to be a one-shot. Guess not. A psychological horror fic, with continued inspiration from Saya no Uta. (Partnered with this illustration.)

Characters: Once-ler and Ted

Warning(s): Ableism (as a character flaw), some gory imagery, reference to abuse (explicitly emotional and financial) and murder-cannibalism

Disclaimer: Goes without saying, but I take no credit for the original works of which this has been derived: The Lorax by Theo Seuss Geisel et al; Saya no Uta by Urobuchi Gen et al.

Read more...Collapse )

Who Cares If A Few Trees Are Dying?

Summary: What if the Once-ler suffered a similar psychosis as Fuminori? A crossover between The Lorax and Saya no Uta; a one-shot psychological/slasher horror fic.

Characters: Once-ler and Family, The Lorax

Warning(s): Abuse (explicitly emotional and financial), gory imagery, violence, cannibalism

Disclaimer: Goes without saying, but I take no credit for the original works of which this has been derived: The Lorax by Theo Seuss Geisel et al; Saya no Uta by Urobuchi Gen et al.

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Genres Meme

To those of you who follow me on twitter, you may've already seen me posit this idea, but I'll repeat myself here.

I had this idea to give you all a minimal literary prompt to write a drabble from. Only, you have to pick a genre to go with, perhaps in the Subject box of your response. And try to pick a genre that hasn't been written already. Try to pick some funky niche genres if you so wish to! :3

If this takes flight, I may make more of these!

     The narrator/main character is waiting expectantly for someone. They are alone. It's dark.

Here is a List of Genres, if you can think of something not listed there but elsewhere, great! You can use any genre!

Here's to looking forward to your posts!

I will note taken genres here, as I receive comments.

-Prehistoric Fiction
       -Sword And Sorcery
-Historical Fantasy
-Detective Fiction
-Black Comedy
I discovered a really fascinating game, and felt like sharing with you some of it's meta-info to chew on!

These questions will help you explore your beliefs about life, death and other people. There are no right or wrong answers. Try experimenting with different combinations and approaches. And don't worry about changing your mind.

As you answer more questions, your answers will map your position onto a graph which we’ve called The Death Dial. The two scales on this graph suggest how your answers combine into a view about the world. You can compare and share your results with friends on Facebook, and see how you match up next to some amazing people from history. What kind of a thinker are you? Are you a leader, a believer, a scientist, a mystic, or something else entirely?

There are no such things as better or worse answers. But you may find new ways of thinking about how you are defined by your personality and beliefs – and what lies beneath different ways of thinking about life and death.

If you do not wish to be spoiled to the exact nature of the questions, look no further. All italicized information presented is credited to the makers of the game: C4Education and Preloaded.Collapse )
So what are you guys? (If you are willing to disclose your answers in a comment, I'm willing to tell you what you'd be according to the designers of the test.)


I don't know how many of you are aware of the fact that I have been commissioned for arts in the past.

The first two were rather successful, and I felt elated and all that.

Then the third and last one that happened. It failed miserably; miscommunication, matters of financial accountability, and an accusation of harrasment from asking for clarification on those issues burned me deep. Now part of that is my fault (in how much I let it emotionally affect me), but now I'm realizing how bad I have it when it comes to trusting others about money. At all.

A friend has come up to me three times in the recent-ish past, with a proposal for my services on a project of theirs. I'm scared of turning him down; the idea is alluring, I know making business connections are the way to go in this economy... But the terms, they feel like such a gamble to me (and I HATE to gamble, if I can do anything about it.) And money matters can really test a friendship. That's what frightens me most.

I feel like I'm wanting to be naive but my jade glasses on the issue wont come off. And that this proposal keeps reminding me of this weak spot.

"To Be Continued" (Not really though!)

Found this hand-made pack of small cards I made back in 2005. With a hair-brained lil idea behind it. Each card had a number (4-25, 8 omitted for some reason), there was one with a hatching egg, and another with a scythe on it.

The egg was the birth card, the scythe was for death(?), the numbers were years of a tabula rasa character's life.

The premise was sharing cards with classmates and asking them to write something that happened in that year of the character's life, given what was said before them.

(Warning, we're talking writing from anonymous ninth graders and the like! I've made only small grammatical and spelling fixes- otherwise everything is as is.)

Cut for length...Collapse )


I hope that may've entertained someone, have a good one! Feel free to comment if you wish to!


I don't know...

Erhm, I just felt like sharing stuff thats interesting to me at the moment. Inanity ensues.

Right now, I've been kinda obsessing over Channel Awesome (That Guy With The Glasses and The Spoony Experiment) material... and fanfiction. Yeah...

Well, I do love role-playing games, mostly of the Final Fantasy vein. As soon as I've got some things out of the way- I may start playing Dungeons and Dragons Online with some real life friends... so I suppose the following info was kinda relevant (some online quiz.)

By the way, I've never have played any incarnation of D&D- but am very interested in doing such as soon as I am able.

D&D Class/Alignment Meme...Collapse )

I always thought I'd enjoy something like a rouge, considering how much of a kleptomaniac I am in "Morrowind." I suppose the "True Neutral" alignment fits though.